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Are you a Childcare Centre Director? Or maybe you have a child in Preschool who would LOVE this experience?  Get in contact with Beck to organise a Cupcake Decorating Workshop for your Preschool or Daycare today. There are two packages available to suit different budgets – both are affordable and very fun!

Cupcake decorating is a fun, creative experience which children love to be a part of. It encourages children of all interests and abilities to be engaged in a creative experience where they can express ideas and make meaning. Children love to experiment with different ways of expressing ideas and using a range of media. Their participation allows them not only have lots of fun but also to work toward the EYLF Outcomes.

Directors will be satisfied that this fun activity provides evidence of QA2 – with effective hygiene practices bring reinforced by a professional; as services actively and consistently promote and embed hygiene in the everyday program. And QA5- Collaborative learning opportunities are effectively facilitated an every child is consistently supported to work with, learn from and help others.

Beck is able to completely customise your Cupcake Decorating experience by tailoring the children’s decorating options to match with a unit of work that you have been exploring eg Christmas, Insects, Under the Sea etc.  

Preschool Workshop Testimonials

Coming from and educators point of view, Caked by Beck was amazing! Firstly, the children just loved learning 'real' techniques on how to decorate their own cupcakes using 'real' kitchen tools and equipment. They displayed such a sense of ownership and accomplishment as their little faces beamed with pride upon completion of every step! And Beck - what a wonderful rapport she had as she patiently engaged with each child, giving instructions and encouragement every step of the way. What a brilliant experience for our little learners to be a part of! We can’t wait to buy some ingredients and practice our new found skills. Thank you Beck!
Preschool Educator
It was amazing Beck. They loved it. You were great & your passion shines through in your interactions with them.The joy on their faces when they got to enjoy their creations after lunch was beautiful to see. Anyone that books a kid's workshop with you will be delighted with the experience. Thank you for sharing your talent & passion with us.
Preschool Educator

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