Who, What, Where...

Caked by Beck is an Ashtonfield based cake decorating business, owned and operated by Beck Hemmingway – a self taught Cake Decorator and self professed Cake Addict.

How it all began...

A 28 year old mother of two adventurous boys, and wife to her high school sweetheart – some of Beck’s earliest childhood memories are of baking with her Grandmother.  Cracking eggs, sifting flour and baking up a storm, is in her blood as she grew up surrounded by, and admiring women in her family, who were forever creating delicious desserts and baked goods.

With the passing of her Grandmother and the birth of her first son,  her baking passion was reignited and Caked by Beck was born.

Our Team

Meet Matilda and Rach.


I couldn’t ask for two better humans to stand beside me and help support me in my business endeavours.

Forever grateful for these creative and hard working ladies. 

A Word from Beck...

There are very few things in life that I actually fear… heights is one of them, bad tasting cake is the other.

As a woman I have come to learn that every calorie counts, and the thought of wasting a single one on a subpar tasting cake is nothing short of terrifying. Ergo – Caked by Beck. I am all about cakes that are not only a feast for the eyes, but a delight for the tastebuds also!

I am a foodie, a perfectionist and a creative.  There was no other job that I could have wandered into as organically as I did Cake Decorating.  It’s my Jam,  my Happy Place. I get the kids to bed, the music pumping, and I get CAKING!

- Sweet words from Caked by Beck customers -